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Annual Company Party

2015 and 2016

In 2015 and 2016 the annual party was a shared tea in the courtyard of The Victoria and Albert Museum after the company's performances for the V&A's Performance Festival. In 2015 this was the World Premiere performance of The Shoemaker's Wonderful Wife by Federico Lorca, and in 2016 this was Charlotte, Emily and Anne, by Douglas Verrall, in celebration of the 200th Anniversary of Charlotte Bronte's birth.

Below Left: Photo taken by Val of the beautiful V&A courtyard in which two facades were made by Doultons. Sir Henry Doulton's other great love in life was literature.

Below Right: The Lorca cast with Val at the 2015 company party.



The 2014 Summer tea party was part of the company's 450th Shakespeare Birthday celebrations. We celebrated in the Spring this year on April 26th in the courtyard of The Victoria and Albert Museum, after The Live Literature Company's very successful Shakespeare Workshop Study Day which focused on the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet. This was part of The V&A's 10 day celebration for Shakespeare's Birth Anniversary.


The 2013 Summer tea party opened the company's links with environmental issues and took place in the conservatory of the kitchen garden at Lauderdale House on London Open Squares Weekend. 

Andy Atkins, Director of Friends of the Earth gave very valuable support to Val in writing:- 

I do believe we need to link the arts, sciences etc. in a much more concerted push for sustainability urgently. All power to you!

A reading performance of The Book of Thel by William Blake, in which he envisions the connection of the whole of creation, was given by actors Yvonne BonnamyLaura Carey and Catherine Harvey. Val shared a reading of an incredibly moving letter she was sent by a Japanese person living at the centre of the area devastated by the Tsunami in Japan. She also read a poem from Tagore's The Gardener, Tagore being a writer dedicated to sustaining nature.

Then everyone shared tea listening to the fabulous singing duo Two For Tea Music, sung by Wendy Morgan and Heather Simmons.




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